Sunday, 13 April 2014


This is one of those piece of crap promise blog entries where I promise to write at least once a week on here and begin doing this by writing about the fact I'm going to be writing. Then embarrass myself terribly by finding this post two months later as the latest post on the blog. I think I've said "post" too many times.

Someone once told me Sylvia Plath would wake up at 5am to write before the children woke up for school. Sylvia Plath also stuck her head in the oven, so you know, fuck you.

I bet a lot of people who watch Girls though Hannah was a lazy piece of crap for getting a book deal and trying to write the thing the day it was due, only to end up suffering some bizarre nervous breakdown. Oh I've been there, I've been there and the stakes weren't even that high. I've begun to accept that maybe this is just the way I am and the way I write and unless I end up in some ashram that teaches me discipline and organization it's the way things are going to be.

I can, however, focus on some positives and give myself a kick up the arse on other things too. The positive being I can write like a mother and throw up an 1000 word article in about 45 minutes. The kick up the arse being I can always be a better writer and practice makes perfect.

So here I am, ready to shame myself terribly in a couple or months, or hopefully not. Taking myself a little less seriously too, that needs to happen. Not everything needs to elevate the tribe, really. We can have fun.

No matter how contrite it is, it's coming on here. Unedited, unashamed, unapologetic or whatever the hell Rihanna declares herself on her statement of intent albums written by other people.


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