Monday, 10 November 2014

Where I Am

I've been busy working, but most of all probably treating writing like some sort of precious jewel. In that regard, I miss writing for an online magazine, where I was kind of forced to write about things to a weekly deadline. What surprised me most about these articles was that the ones I thought would be completely ignored or not terribly well-received turned out to be the better ones. In other words, kill your darlings.

Maybe this is my hundredth attempt to say I will write on this blog more. Maybe. Maybe I'm just going to use this the way a blog was intended to be used, writing about everything and anything from fragments of my work to the city I live in and love, my relationship, friends, thought and what the hell, what I had for breakfast.

I intended to create an entirely new blog to talk about comic books. I feel like there's this niche where very few people seem to talk about comic books out of sheer enjoyment. It's all about the writer's intentions and somehow they all seem to know what's going on at the Marvel or DC offices. In other words, they speculate as to what is going on. It also surprises me to know a large portion of people spend a lot of money each money buying a ton of comics that they don't read, but keep in a pile and spend the rest of the year trying to catch up  on.

Each to their own, from my own perspective I come to comics for the sheer enjoyment of the story. As a writer, I always have my writer head on, much to the annoyance of those around me and even myself, by thinking "oh this is going to happen next" or "that could have worked better this way". What I am trying to say though, is that I am not a collector. I like having books in the home because they make the house feel more homely, and there are books I will read again and again that look much better in hardcover. I don't need to read a story, or own an issue in its original form. Given the choice between one issue with a variant cover that costs the same as ten phone-book sized volumes, I will go for quantity every time.

I am digressing. My point being I was going to make a blog about comics, without thinking I can just write about comics on here too. Perhaps not the painful minutiae, but the story. Everyone knows who Iron Man is, and everyone knows a good story. So no specific comics blog. Just

I've been working a lot lately, in a very nice way, just settling into my job which I love and I will probably never write about for the sake of being professional. I have also been studying for an English Literature degree with the Open University and I just ended my first year, and started my second. I just got my mark back for my first essay, and my tutor ripped it to shreds. In a way that I hate and enjoy at the same time. I don't think anyone likes having their work critiqued, but I also enjoy the fact I can now improve. Who knew "direspecting" was a colloquial term that shouldn't be used in essays! I don't think winging it is going to be the case anymore, and I feel that reading for pleasure may take a serious backseat to set texts and books on writing better essays. Somehow, I feel that buying a pinboard will also make my work better. It makes sense in my head.

I have a lot of ideas for books and I feel like I have no time for them, but I found a Meetup group where you go on a Tuesday night and write solidly for two hours with people around you and no talking. The feeling of having people watching me write while I write may help my procrastinating streak, even if I do dislike "people". As in, I am perfectly fine in a social situation but I somehow have a thing against groups of others. Specifically other students and writers. I'm sure there's a deep self loathing going on there.

Lots of cooking too. I am currently making a meatloaf for the first time, and I've just made cornbread which is my favourite thing to cook at the moment. I made cupcakes for the first time the other day.

There's a lot more, all of which probably deserve their own blog posts. My growing old(er), completely ridiculous fear of death, falling out of love with the fashion industry, and never seeming to have the patience to sit down and watch a film like I used to. Also, yoga. That thing I always want to do that never happens.

Should I put a picture into each blog post or not?

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